For information regarding Booking a Hotel Room, go here

Reservation information will be listed here early February, 2018. 

Flight Information: Please book your flights to arrive the day that Congress begins, which is May 14, 2018. Congress checkin is the evening of May 14 starting at 4:00 pm. Please plan your flights accordingly. You are, of course, welcome to leave your bags at the desk should you need to arrive earlier and have lunch at the hotel or visit a nearby attraction. Departure flight should be booked for Friday, May 18 in the late afternoon/evening, or spend the night at a discount and enjoy another day in San Diego!

The airport you will be booking your flight into is the San Diego International Airport (airport code: SAN)

Once we confirm the venue, we will list the address here. They do have a free shuttle from the airport, however, if you wish to travel alone by taxi, taxis are available from the airport, however, it may be less expensive to use Uber.

To book an Uber taxi through their APP in San Diego visit: and create a sign in profile to download their APP.