Sponsor/Vendor Opportunities


Vendor Market is inclusive for 4 days from May 19h – 22, 2017


Vendor Market Rooms: Our unique Congress schedule allots extended 3 hour “lunch/ siesta” periods, when attendees will be sure to browse the vendor areas and sign up for demos of various equipment, obtain samples or experience other presentations at your table. We will be encouraging our attendees to frequent the Vendor Market Rooms for breaks, and encourage all vendors to supply samples of health conscious services or items that will help attendees remain focused and comfortable for the rest of the lectures.


This is a wonderful opportunity to generate interest in your products or services. All vendors will receive a full page ad in our Congress manual (per table). All prices are in US dollars: Tables are 6’ long x 18” wide, and our “table price” is for 2 tables connected by width (for a surface area of 6’ x 3’). “Table” prices herein refer to the 6’ space. If you require more than 6’ in length for your product, you will need to purchase a 2nd table or consider a sponsorship package, listed below the following table prices: Our Early Bird Pricing on a Single Vendor Table is:

  • $599 with an Early Bird Congress Admission of $599, for a total of $1198;
  • $899 for a Vendor Table without a Congress Admission Enrollment;
  • If you wish to acquire more than one Vendor Table, the rate remains the same for each space allotment; with the exception that if you purchase a Congress Admission with the first table, the 2nd table remains at $599 (instead of the full early bird price of $899).

We encourage all Vendors to book as soon as possible, as space is limited and this is a prime opportunity to interface with practitioners who typically sell and use a variety of products in their offices.

Regular rates after March 15, 2015 will be:

  • $849 with a Congress Admission Enrollment of $649, for a total of $1498
  • $1099 for a Vendor Table without a Congress Enrollment;
  • With every Vendor Table purchase you receive a FULL PAGE AD

(worth $500) in the manual that goes to all attendees either by .pdf or printed.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Gold Level: Your company will be featured as a Gold Level Sponsor, with:

  • Your company’s logo featured on the front cover of the Congress Manual, up to two complementary Congress passes (including the manual),
  • Logo featured in Congress sendouts (as soon as you become a sponsor via enrollment) and website as Gold Level Sponsor, 2 full page ads in the Congress Manual at the start of the “Sponsors and Vendors” section, and 2 vendor tables as outlined above. $4999.00.
  • Includes 2 webinars featuring you and your product on ISS “Live from the Crow’s Nest” webinars, recorded and sent out to the network. Also includes a separate rendering of the recordings for you to use in your own marketing.

Silver Level: featured as a Silver Level Sponsor,

  • Up to one complimentary Congress pass (including the manual),
  • Logo featured on Congress sendouts and website as Silver Level Sponsor, and
  • A one page advertisement in the Congress manual after the Gold Level Sponsor’s near the beginning of the vendor/ sponsor section, and one vendor table, $2499.00
  • Includes 1 webinar featuring you and your products on a “Live from the Crow’s Nest” webinar, recorded and sent out to the network. Also includes a separate rendering of the recording for you to use in your own marketing.

Please contact Bart Keough: 253.307.6374 or 360.879.5779 or

bartkeough@gmail.com to discuss eligibility and availability.

Required Information to have on hand:

Credit Card Number:

Expiration Date:

Name as it appears on Card:

Billing Address:

City, State/Province, Country

Postal / Zip Code

Main Contact Person: First Name Last Name

Billing and Contact Telephone #s:


Optional: Skype:

Additional Advertisement Options

  • Full Page Ad in Congress Manual – $500.00
  • Half Page Ad in Congress Manual – $300.00

Please provide us with your logo, advertisement and any coupons you would like to offer Congress attendees.

Please also provide us with your contact information as well as the best time to reach you.

*Cancellation policy for vendors and sponsors: all table sales final; if you must cancel, you will receive a featured Live from the Crow’s Nest webinar featuring your product if you are a sponsor; or applied to equal value of ISS courses.