gemMore about Dr. Gem: Dr. Jennifer McCollum is a Naturopathic doctor who graduated from Bastyr University whose current practice is based in the Seattle, Washington area, where she is passionately serving others who are trying to regain and optimize their health. Dr. McCollum started working in the health field of nutrition and herbal medicine in 1978. She has two Bachelor of Science degrees, one in horticulture and the other in nutrition from New Mexico State University. Dr. McCollum believes that when we choose healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle it supports a healthier planet and a more peaceful and healthier humanity.

Dr. McCollum has used Biofeedback in her practice since 2008 and uses it in conjunction with homeopathy, herbal medicine, flower essences, essential oils, in addition to vitamins, minerals, good food and of course clean water. She is a Craniosacral Therapist, Neuromuscular Therapist, and Certified Reiki Master and practices Matrix Energetics and Natural Force Healing as well. Dr. McCollum specializes in gastrointestinal problems, allergies, hormone imbalances, emotional issues and body alignments.

Dr. McCollum sees her role as an assistant to her patients’ spiritual, mental and bodily healing. She acts as a guide to show them what options are available for the most optimal health, and have a joyful, abundant and loving life. The key, she says, is to be a compassionate listener who hears where the client/patient is at and helps them to discover the right choices that will restore their spiritual health and well-being. In addition it is important to recognize that the individual is the one who is doing the healing and that we as practitioners can only give them suggestions in their self-discovery for healing their mind, body and spirit.