DianaDonaldsonCongressHeadshotDiana Donaldson QBS, RSvP

Topic: The Issues in the Tissues

How many of us have been introduced to our practices through a personal health challenge ourselves? Turning lemons into lemonade, Diana Donaldson’s introduction to Quantum Biofeedback came through her parents after seeking a natural means of supporting her liver. The groundwork to natural healing had already been laid into place with Diana’s introduction to Dr. Christopher Hills and his library of research with Living Foods like Spirulina, followed by studying with inventor and quantum physicist Dr. Patrick Flanagan, where she learned the powers of the body and mind to naturally heal through better nutrition and spiritual practices., and taking personal responsibility to create the healthiest internal and external environments possible. She was introduced to the QXCI in 2002 and loved it immediately due to how it spoke to Universal Truth and the spiritual foundation of many of the programs. She was also attracted to all the likeminded ‘Consciously Evolved’ people coming together to broaden their healing skills. She followed her heart and took every class she could here in the US and abroad, and acquired very upgrade, from the QXCI to the SCIO to EDUCTOR. Diana is blessed to have studied with who she considers the best of the best, traveling to Budapest, Amsterdam and Mexico several times to study with the inventor Professor William Nelson/ Desire Dubounet and many other Quantum Diplomats. She earned her first certification in Quantum Biofeedback in 2003 with a “Higher Purpose” training, followed by ‘The International Medical University of Natural Education’ certification in 2006, along with further US certifications from the NBCB and the current NTCB. She stepped up when asked and became the first of a few dedicated Zone Managers, both selling and training for much of the greater Los Angeles and Valley area, which became a hub for mentoring and facilitating groups for several years, where she was able to give back what she had been given.
Her background includes being a licensed Science of Mind Professional Spiritual Counselor since 2000 through NHCRS in North Hollywood, CA, which allowed her to bring her spiritual foundation into every session. Through her personal and group guided travels to John of God the Medical Medium and Healer in Brazil, she became an official ‘Guide to the Casa Dom Inacio’ taking groups on safe personal Spiritual Pilgrimages to John of God in Brazil. Her knowledge of crystals, metaphysics, nutrition, spiritual practices like affirmative prayer, meditation and visualization are all woven into and delicately integrated into her practice with Quantum Biofeedback to assisti others to clear their current and past lineage of negative beliefs, patterns and attachments and helping clients to safely “Release the Issues in the Tissues.” In doing so, she assists her clients in bringing forth their greatest potential to live freely with confidence, and experience a rich and fuller spectrum of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bodies.