It most likely goes without saying that the following ethics and guidelines need to be followed by all to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone at the Congress, but for clarity we are required to state the following:

1.)   Thank you for refraining from the wearing of perfumes. Many of our practitioners have chemical sensitivities and perfumes can make them feel quite ill.

2.)   Thank you for writing down or remembering your questions and patiently waiting until the Speaker allows questions to be taken. Raising hands and asking questions of the speaker in the middle of their presentations often interrupts their flow of scheduled content. The speakers always allow question periods when they are happy to answer your questions about content or software navigation.

3.)   Thank you for refraining from “he said / she said” scenarios while asking your questions. There are many people in the industry who have passed on their understanding, preferences, and techniques regarding device usage. If their information differs from what a speaker is saying, simply ask a neutral question instead of naming the person whose information differed. If you feel confused about the differences between what a speaker is saying as compared to what you learned elsewhere, please take the matter up with the speaker after her presentation.

4.)   Thank you for not talking during the Speakers’ presentations. Hearing issues potentially entwined with aging, electro-smog, nerve damage and/or calcification make distinguishing between voices difficult for many people and will interrupt their experience at the Congress.

5.)   Thank you for honoring the producer, ISS, MindNrg Co-Creative Sanctuary, Sponsors, and vendors by observing the exclusivity of their Congress of Quantum Masters agreements and policies. Products or services apart from this educational institution, the manufacturers, sponsors and vendors represent a a conflict of interest and are strictly prohibited.

a.)   Only our official vendors and sponsors are authorized to sell products at the Congress in what is our “mini trade show” held in separate rooms. Our event features products that the manufacturers (QX World, LTD and Quantum World Vision) and producers (MindNrg Co-Creative Sanctuary and Institute of Stress Sciences) have approved as compatible with our modality, and do not represent a conflict of interest for the manufacturers, producers, sponsors or other vendors.

b.)   Approaching other attendees with MLM or other products being sold out of your hotel room is strictly prohibited due to U.S. educational laws, courtesy and in observation of cultural differences between our practitioners from abroad who find being approached about products or services at educational events offensive. Our vendor rooms are separate for these important reasons in addition to educational legal guidelines.

Observance of these policies, ethics and common courtesies will go a long way in assuring a pleasant and smooth experience for all who attend!